Online bill pay! - February 25, 2019

The city would like to inform everyone that online bill pay is available on our website. [more...]



The City of Johnson City offers a wide range of events, from outdoor concerts, seasonal festivals, and sports competitions, to spending time in our local parks, and relaxing with your family for an afternoon of outdoor fun.  There are lots of activities to choose from. 

Come out and meet your neighbors and enjoy all of the many things that make the City of Johnson City a great place to live!


Stanton County Swimming Pool
100 East Greenwood South Avenue
Johnson City, Ks 67855

A great place to cool down and have some family fun!

Stanton County Museum
104 East Highland Avenue
Johnson City, Ks 67855

Come and learn about our history and what makes us who we are!

Battin Park
100 East Greenwood South Avenue
Johnson City, Ks 67855

A great place for kids to play and have a family picnic!

Prairie Pines Golf Course
50 North Airport Road
Johnson City, Ks 67855